» Of Homage and Resistance «
Research and exhibition project

Made possible by the Habibi Kiosk of
the Münchner Kammerspiele, this project
investigates the Ukrainian genderfluid
dancer and artist Alexander Sakharoff,
who is considered a pioneer and trailblazer
of modern dance.

Like many of his contemporaries, Alexander
Sacharoff shared a great enthusiasm for
Greek antiquity. This was especially visible
in his choreographies, which were based on
vase paintings of this epoch. Thus, his dance
did not consist of flowing movements, but
of a sequence of progressive poses.
The dance direction of voguing is also based
on images; in this case, images of fashion
magazine titles such as Vogue.
Here, too, the dance originally arose from
the juxtaposition of poses.

Both dance genres are an expression of
queer life realities, homage, and resistance.

In Sacharoff's case, the reference is not
only homage, but also legitimation for his
art, an art beyond the academically
recognized. In a way, he used the reference
as a legiti-mation to be allowed on a larger
stage at all.
voguing, the reference is a way to
immerse oneself in a world of fashion and
glamour, a world that remains closed to the
vast majority of people in the ballroom

Both, Sacharoff’s dance and Voguing are not
just about paying homage to these reference
cultures. The homage is a self-empowering
reinterpretation and thus also becomes a

Together, voguer Santi Bodega Revlon and I
have developed a choreography and imagery
based on sketches by Alexander Sacharoff
that take up Sacharoff's poses and transport
them into the world of voguing.
Big stage meets subculture, Greek antiquity
meets pop culture and fashion.

> interview
> choreography (video)
> behind the scenes (video)

> rehearsals (video)

Production of the Habibi Kiosk of the Münchner Kammerspiele. In cooperation with DANCE 2023 Festival and Munich Dance Histories.

Dance & Choreography:
Santi Bodega Revlon

Costume: Hansinger Munich
Photo & Video: Leoni Marie Hübner

Voguing Class 
Behind the Scenes

1. Jafer’s Legs
2. Toby, Jafer & Domi
3. Rehearsals